Matthew Schonauer

Matt is a programmer with experience in several different web programming languages. He is a co-owner of Liquid Tree Design which he founded with his sister in January 2009. Matt and Courtney decided to team up and combine their skills to offer affordable, professional-grade website to other small business owners.

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Courtney Schonauer

Courtney is a graduate of Kent State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Technology. She has a special interest in graphic design and website building. Courtney is co-owner and graphic designer of Liquid Tree Design. She has experience with different web programing language and graphics programs. Currently, Courtney

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Nathaniel VanNatta

Nate is a photographer with experience in many different avenues of photography and graphic design. He has worked as a freelance studio photographer, photojournalist, and wedding photographer. Nate also has experience in advertising photography as well as creative design photography. He has been a web hobbyist for ten years with a

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