The Benefits of Working with Liquid Tree

There are many choices available for small business owners today when it comes to choosing a website design company. So why do we here at Liquid Tree Design think that you should choose us? To put it simply, we can offer affordable, reliable, high-quality, adaptable and headache-free online solutions for your company.


We're a small business, just like you. We know the effort that you put into making your business successful and the importance of sticking to a budget. With low overhead, we are able to offer reasonable prices for quality work. Whether you are looking for a simple online presence for your business or a fully-customizable and dynamic website, our pricing packages can meet your needs.

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Our Process

Needs Assessment

The first step toward building your new website involves a needs assessment. At this stage, we will sit down with you and gather all of the information that is necessary to build a useful and robust website. This includes a profile of your customers, your expectations of your website, and an understanding of your business. Understanding all of these aspects is important when it comes to website design. Your customers will ultimately be the users of your new website, and it is important that its design is intuitive user friendly. Also, understanding your expectations and your business is crucial to our process. It enables us to tailor a design to your specific needs and to provide and affordable solution for your business without selling you functionality that you do not need.

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Matthew Schonauer

Matt is a programmer with experience in several different web programming languages. He is a co-owner of Liquid Tree Design which he founded with his sister in January 2009. Matt and Courtney decided to team up and combine their skills to offer affordable, professional-grade website to other small business owners.

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Courtney Schonauer

Courtney is a graduate of Kent State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Technology. She has a special interest in graphic design and website building. Courtney is co-owner and graphic designer of Liquid Tree Design. She has experience with different web programing language and graphics programs. Currently, Courtney

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Nathaniel VanNatta

Nate is a photographer with experience in many different avenues of photography and graphic design. He has worked as a freelance studio photographer, photojournalist, and wedding photographer. Nate also has experience in advertising photography as well as creative design photography. He has been a web hobbyist for ten years with a

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