Needs Assessment

The first step toward building your new website involves a needs assessment. At this stage, we will sit down with you and gather all of the information that is necessary to build a useful and robust website. This includes a profile of your customers, your expectations of your website, and an understanding of your business. Understanding all of these aspects is important when it comes to website design. Your customers will ultimately be the users of your new website, and it is important that its design is intuitive user friendly. Also, understanding your expectations and your business is crucial to our process. It enables us to tailor a design to your specific needs and to provide and affordable solution for your business without selling you functionality that you do not need.


Good websites start with a plan. Taking the information gathered in the needs assessment stage, we will create a plan encompassing all of your site's content. Once we have created a structure for the important information on your site, we will then begin the design process.

During the design process, we create the look and feel of your website, taking particular care to emphasize your company's brand and drawing attention to you site's important content. At this point, we create a mock up of our proposed site for you to view. We will then get your input on our proposed design to insure that our final product meets your expectations, and adjust our design accordingly.

Content Creation

Once the look and feel of your website has been established, we will work with you to create content for your site. Site content includes articles, pictures, movies, and any other substantive information that was planned in the needs assessment stage. In most cases, we will provide you with a specific list detailing each bit of content that needs to be posted to your site, such as product information, employee profiles, etc.


After building your site, we put it through a robust testing phase. During this stage, we will test your site to insure accessibility across many different browser and computer types. We also use this time to test your site's functionality

Final Deployment

At this point, our initial work is done. Your website will be ready for use, and open for all to see! It doesn't stop there, however. Good websites should be updated regularly with new content, and any issues need to be resolved quickly. Our team is ready to assist you in keeping your site up to date and perform regular maintenance to the site.