If you are new to the internet or have not had much exposure to website ownership, this section of our site is designed to provide you with some general information about the process. Having a basic knowledge of the technology and process will help you to understand the services that we provide. It can also help you when determining your needs.

Choose any of the topics in the menu at the left to read more about each component of website building. If you have some questions about the process that are not addressed here, feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

Registering a Domain

One of the first main components that you need to consider when creating your website is domain name registration. Websites are hosted on servers, which are connected to the internet and given an IP address to identify them. The main purpose of a domain name is to provide a textual address that corresponds to the servers numerical IP address. Textual names (such as liquidtreedesign.com) are easier to remember than numerical IP addresses (such as

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Once you have made the decision to create a website, it will need to be hosted. Hosting a website means that your content is stored and managed on a server, which makes it viewable to other users on the internet. A server is a computer that runs a program that is responsible for accepting requests from internet users to view your website. Your domain name will enable people to find the server on which your website is hosted, thus making it possible for them to view your site.

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Other Needs

After you have prepared your design, there are a few other things to take into consideration.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a presence on the web helps your business to provide your customers with 24-hour access to information and products, even when your business is closed! This aspect of owning a website can be very beneficial to business owners. It gives your customers a place to visit to find out store hours, contact information, more information about your company, and potentially can be a place for customers to purchase your products.

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